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Project Description

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Big Bang Migration of 173 Active Companies

AyalaLand Inc (ALI), one of the Philippines’ largest and most respected real estate and property development firms, currently operates 173 active companies, caters to the needs of 100,000 plus business partners and carries 1000+ properties & buildings, 140,000+ rental objects and more than 4.5 million accounts receivable / payable open items. To help them manage their multi-faceted business processes, they have been long time users of the SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

In 2012, ALI was in the midst of a major migration from SAP ERP Version 4.6C to SAP ECC 6.0. ALI’s existing SAP solution was specially customized because they chose not to perform a standard technical upgrade. Moreover, ALI wanted to implement new functionalities such as Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX). During the project, ALI recognized that they could add considerable value to their investment if they took the opportunity to migrate the underlying data to conform to the more exacting requirements of the newer SAP ERP solution.

To help them achieve their goals within a tight timeframe, as well as to guarantee an upgrade without business interruption, ALI contracted us to manage the data track of the project. As a result of our engagement, ALI was able to complete the project successfully.


  • By applying our data migration methodology, AyalaLand was able to cut their upload time by almost 80%, which helped achieve their cutover milestone
  • Enabled ALI to meet stringent timeframe for compiling all migration tasks and avoid cost over-runs
  • Empowered ALI staff to learn new data migration skills and add value to future projects
  • Upgrade provided enhanced interoperability with newer technologies and databases