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Buró de Crédito

Project Description

 Buró de Crédito
Data Quality, Real-time Data Replication & CDC

Providing Real-Time Data Integration for Mexico’s Commercial and Consumer Credit Bureau

Buró de Crédito, authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), the Bank of Mexico, and the National Commission on Banking and Finance (CNBV), is a private financial institution in Mexico, responsible for gathering, managing and providing information delivery on the credit history of both businesses and individuals. Buró de Crédito is focused on contributing to the growth and stability of the Mexican economy by providing services that minimize credit risk, facilitate decision-making for businesses, and deliver information on the credit-worthiness of businesses and individuals.

Buró de Crédito was formed from two different companies: TransUnion de Mexico, S.A., which was the first credit reporting agency in Mexico authorized by SHCP, and Dun & Bradstreet Mexico, S.A. Currently Buró de Crédito has more than 300 employees. Buró de Crédito is located in Mexico City, the heart of Mexico’s financial district.

Buró de Crédito is committed to the security of its customer information. By integrating processes, technology and personnel, Buró de Crédito can apply a high level of security to ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity and auditability of information, business processes and technology in accordance with due legal requirements. This also ensures the ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement of its Information Management System.


  • Information is 100% updated between DB2 databases and Informix through complete synchronization
Why BackOffice?
  • DBMoto provided all the critical technical and financial requirements, including sophisticated data replication features including Change Data Capture, a wizard-based, easy-to-use product, and the fact that they would no longer need professional consulting for implementation and management