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 Financial & Public Sector
Data Migration, Data Quality

Saving Time & Money In Their Migration Project

One of the largest employers in the United States with over 800,000 employees and pensioners, and annual operating revenues of $73 billion, needed to consolidate and migrate their 25 year old legacy HR and Payroll systems to a new ERP system.

This Company attempted a technical data migration effort with a team of 40 people. Their original approach of using an ETL tool and consolidating the data failed. Through 18 months of effort, only a small portion of the legacy data could be readied and loaded into the new system. Many issues occurred including the scalability of the effort across their operation and the need for validated data loads to meet a regulated environment.


  • We provided a 1 week Data Audit to evaluate project efforts
  • A deployment our team of only 3 was used to reduce the Company's resources and deliver a Boring Go Live data migration
  • Delivered all employee data as required to operate with 100% accuracy
  • Every paycheck was correct and the help desk was kept quiet after the go-live