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Project Description

Data Quality, Information Governance

Helping Kraft Move Forward with Their SAP Project

Kraft Foods is the world’s 2nd largest food company. With revenues in excess of $48B, they manage 11 brands which generate over $1B annually, and 70 brands which generate more than $100M annually from a global distribution in 160 countries. More than 25% of revenue comes from emerging markets, and leveraging their #1 positions in biscuits and confectionery, over 50% of global revenue is generated from snacks and confectionery brands such as Lu, Nabisco, Oreo, Cadbury, Milka and Trident.


  • Knowledge transfer to Kraft Foods resources facilitated speed of migrations
  • Local data stewards take a greater role in managing global change requests
  • Virtual migration has helped repeatability, lowered costs
  • Harmonized 35,000 customer records cross repository and cross-system reporting helped define new rules—continuous business improvement through data quality
  • Team of three persons managed 195 million records downloaded daily
  • 40 Plants had Boring Go Live data migrations through 12/2009, remainder migrated in 2010
Why BackOffice?
  • Innovative approach to data migration and management of production data with our data governance solution
  • Our planned and pragmatic approach achieved success without increasing staff