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Movado Group Inc.

Project Description

 Movado Group Inc.
Data Quality, Mass Data Uploads

Keeping Watch for Movado

In Movado’s legacy ERP system, a user could start out with incomplete or incorrect data and fix it along the way. SAP® requires complete accuracy with master data from the beginning. These exacting standards were a whole new world for Movado. A world that would change the way the company handles their new internal business processes.

A critical part of this transition for Dr. Frank Morelli, SVP Global Business Process & CIO of Movado, was the management of the company’s data.

Documentation while managing the data through this change was also a priority. Movado would be under tremendous scrutiny because of the scope and reach of the implementation. It was imperative that documented evidence of control checks be available. The requirements for documentation of specifications, transports, change management, testing and validations were above and beyond anything you could imagine. Morelli explains, “There were valid concerns about moving an entire company’s worth of data all at once, worldwide, changing every major business process and running the company on all new software. We were moving fast and the documentation was important.”

Understanding that preparation before go-live and execution of maintenance afterwards could take away much of the unnecessary challenges with the upcoming move to the new ERP system, Frank was looking for a solution.


  • Quadrate’s data uploading solutions met and exceeded all of Movado’s requirements
  • Our software solution was embraced for initial data migration and is now used extensively for day-to-day bulk transactional and master data updates
  • Movado essentially moved a significant amount of data through Quadrate
  • The go-live was successful right out of the gate with no horror stories
  • Costly demands on IT have been reduced
  • Productivity of the data owners has been significantly increased
  • Powerful reporting analytics and error reporting resources are available
  • Movado confidently relies on our data loading software for mass loads
  • Returns of the initial investment were realized well under the 12 month mark
Why BackOffice?
  • Implementation of Quadrate was smooth and trouble-free
  • The enterprise configuration took less than 45 minutes
  • Application code could be tailored to meet specific business requirements
  • The client installations took approximately 5 minutes per station
  • The support team was great — always providing quick & thorough responses