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 Unipart Group
Data Quality, Mass Data Uploads

A Vital Component to Success

The Unipart Group of Companies is one of Europe’s leading independent logistics, automotive parts and accessories companies.

Established in 1987 following a management buy-out, it was recently listed as one of the top ten largest private companies in the UK. During this time it has become a name respected worldwide for its progressive policies and forward-looking approach to business.

Unipart uses SAP to support their business and there are up to 20,000 new transactions on the system every week. These transactions span a wide range of business areas including materials management, classifications, transport groups, weights and dimensions, plants, stock and purchasing to name but a few.

The data entry requirements for each transaction are subject to frequent change. All of Unipart’s data was uploaded either manually or using other toolsets.

Unipart’s data input mechanism resulted in real financial loss in terms of time taken to get the job done, and their ability to react to mass data changing needs was severely impaired. Another immeasurable side effect of manual data input is data cleanliness, since manual input is prone to error and this can have a disastrous and expensive effect on any business.


  • Quadrate has allowed Unipart to drastically cut down the time required to get data into their system, giving them the power to adjust quickly to ever-changing requirements
  • Time saved updating thousands of new material masters on a regular basis
  • Eliminated manual data errors being uploaded into SAP
  • Added flexibility in uploading new requirements within minutes
  • Empowered business users to upload data and allowed IT team to focus resources in other major areas
Why BackOffice?
  • What Unipart needed was a non-technical and versatile data integration solution that would enable them to upload many unique transactions into SAP quickly and accurately. Quadrate has allowed them to do just that